Divorce and the separation of any long term partnership are situations that are difficult in many ways: besides the upheaval and change of a family’s situation, there are often emotional, financial and physical stresses involved. There is often a long period of making sense of the changes until things start to feel normal again.

Ashland Family Law Attorney Rhonda R. Crabtree works with your family during the child custody and support process, helping parents set up a “parenting plan” and assisting parents to understand a fair payment arrangement, making sure that these arrangements are followed. However, some unpleasant things arise and don’t allow the process to go smoothly. Sometimes, the parents cannot agree on a “parenting plan,” and this is where court appointed mediation comes in. Usually after mediation, the court determines custody based on a number of factors that will influence the child’s “best interest”. The gender of the parent is not important; instead, court’s rely on determinants such as affection, ability to provide, stability, and mental and physical health.

Once custody has been arranged, there is the matter of child/spousal support, and all too often, a parent who has been ordered to pay child support doesn’t do it. Thankfully, there are a number of penalties for parents that refuse to pay child support in the state of Tennessee. Ashland, TN Child Support Lawyer Rhonda Crabtree works diligently with parents to ensure that child support payments will be met, and if they aren’t, Attorney Crabtree ensures that Child Support Enforcement is notified and takes immediate action.

Child Support Enforcement Attorney

Child Support Enforcement will come after a delinquent parent, taking actions which include notifying the parent when a payment is missed, suspending/flagging passport so out of country travel is impossible, suspending Tennessee driver licenses, freezing wages, and many other ways to make certain that the parent pay for his or her child.

Rhonda Crabtree works with families to make the divorce process easier and less stressful for everyone. She emphasizes that parent work together to form a parenting plan to make the custody process easier, and she ensures that both parents are following the court’s orders in the payment of child support. This guarantees that the child is receiving the financial support that he or she needs for a happy and healthy childhood.

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