Whether you are about terminate your marriage, or you’re fighting for child custody or visitation rights, the emotional, physical, and financial toll of a family law related legal matter can be overwhelming. No one wants to invite lawyers into their personal lives, but when it comes to pursuing your rights through the Tennessee family courts, a qualified, knowledgeable family law attorney is essential.

Ashland City, TN Family Law Attorney

Rhonda R. Crabtree, Attorney at Law has experience in assisting clients in the greater Nashville area with all of their family law needs. As a well-respected family law attorney in the State of Tennessee, Rhonda R. Crabtree assists clients with both no-fault and at-fault divorces; child custody battles; visitation rights; child support; establishing paternity and pressing paternal rights; grandparent visitation rights (when they have been awarded by another state); alimony or spousal support; and mediation.

Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage In Tennessee

Tennessee law classifies divorces as no-fault and at fault.

No-Fault – A no-fault divorce can occur when both parties agree that there are irreconcilable differences, or if the spouses have not cohabited for two years and have no minor children in common.

Fault – An at-fault divorce requires legal grounds to terminate the marriage. In the State of Tennessee, these are: impotence; adultery; felony conviction and imprisonment; substance abuse of alcohol or drugs; pregnancy by another man at the time of the marriage without the husband’s knowledge; desertion of one year; bigamy/polygamy; endangering the life of the spouse; conviction of an infamous crime; willfully refusing to move to this state and being absent from the new residence for two years; mentally and physically abusive behavior; and abandonment, neglect, or banning a spouse from the home.

The Experience You Need For Your Family Law Matters

In many cases, a divorce will be contested by one of the parties. Regardless of whether the other spouse is cooperative or not, attorney Rhonda R. Crabtree can help you find a way to obtain the dissolution of marriage that you are seeking. Rhonda R. Crabtree has also represented parents who are going through heated child custody and visitations battles. Whether you are a mother or father seeking a divorce, or you’ve had a child out of wedlock and are attempting to secure your legal rights, attorney Rhonda R. Crabtree has the family law experience that you’re going to need.

Rhonda R. Crabtree’s law office is in located Ashland City, but also serves clients in Nashville, Clarksville, Davidson County, Humphreys County, Dixon County, Stewart County, Houston County, Cheatham County, Montgomery County, Robertson County, Sumner County, and Hickman County. To contact a knowledgeable and experienced Tennessee family law attorney with a proven track record of success, call (615) 792-2885.