One in every three crashes on the Tennessee roadways result in the death or injury of the drivers or passengers or both. With over a 150,000 crashes occurring annually, chances are excellent that you or someone you know will be involved in a motor vehicle crash with an injury. When this happens, car insurers will likely be quick to settle a claim. However, before you sign anything, you should speak with an experienced, qualified personal injury attorney like Rhonda R. Crabtree.

Personal Injury Attorney Representing victims Of Accidents On The Tennessee Highways

The Law Office of Rhonda R. Crabtree represents Tennessee drivers and passengers who have been injured in car crashes, motorcycle collisions, and accidents involving tractor-trailers. Attorney Rhonda R. Crabtree handles all types of vehicular liability cases including car crashes, commercial vehicle crashes, motorcycle accidents, accidents caused by spillage or improper loads, drunk driving accidents, wrongful deaths, vehicular manslaughter, and dram shop liability claims (where an establishment over-serves a patron who is driving). Her ability to represent both plaintiffs and defendants in these types of personal injury cases gives her unique insight into the workings of the Tennessee civil courts.

Why You Need A Personal Injury Attorney

When you’re involved in a vehicle crash that’s caused by another person’s negligence, it’s likely that the responsible insurance company will offer you a quick settlement on the condition that you waive your right to pursue further damages. When you’re injured and facing mounting medical bills, this fast money is very appealing, but in reality, it’s a cheap way for the insurance company to dispense with your claim. An experienced personal injury attorney will seek damages not only for your medical expenses, but also for your lost wages, damaged property, pain and suffering, and any other funds that you’ve expended as a result of another person’s negligence.

If you’ve been injured in any type of motor vehicle crash on the Tennessee roadways, seek medical attention, cooperate with the police investigation, and then contact a competent personal injury lawyer—one like Rhonda R. Crabtree.

Rhonda R. Crabtree’s law office is in located Ashland City, but also serves clients in Nashville, Clarksville, Davidson County, Humphreys County, Dixon County, Stewart County, Houston County, Cheatham County, Montgomery County, Robertson County, Sumner County, and Hickman County. To contact a knowledgeable and experienced Tennessee motor vehicle accident personal injury attorney with a proven track record of success, call (615) 792-2885.

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