Amidst heightened economic pressures and increased workloads, many marriages can’t survive. When seeking a divorce in the state of Tennessee, it is vitally important to obtain skilled, experienced legal counsel that can help you and your family navigate this difficult and emotional time. Rhonda Crabtree, a Nashville Divorce Attorney, has the experience and compassion necessary to work with your family, making this transition easier on everyone.

Divorce in Tennessee

Divorce is the termination of marriage that severs all marital responsibilities involved in the official union between two individuals. The legal process for divorce can be simple, or complicated, depending on the situation of the family in question, and it can often involve such issues as spousal support/alimony, child support and custody, distribution of property and division of debt. Rhonda Crabtree, Tennessee Family Law Attorney, knows from years of experience that going through a divorce is hard even in the most amicable of situations, and she does her utmost to help you get through it.

Divorce – Contested and Uncontested

Rhonda Crabtree works with your family to determine the fairest outcome possible. While the terms of a divorce are usually determined by the court, it may also ratify terms that the spouses may have agreed to privately. This is usually in an “uncontested situation,” and is ideal for a smooth transition out of the marriage. In situations that are rife with disagreements over terms between spouses, the divorce is considered “contested.” These may take many months or years to finish and can lead to expensive litigation and stress for you and your family. It is vital that you obtain experienced legal counsel to help you deal with the often fractious and difficult process in coming to terms in a “contested” divorce.

Divorce with Children

Another matter to take into account is that the state of Tennessee requires that, if there are children involved, the parents create a “parenting plan” that determines the details about raising the child or children. If the parents are having difficulty coming to an agreement about the children’s upbringing, Rhonda Crabtree has mediation skills necessary to help the parents reach an agreement.

Call Rhonda R. Crabtree Attorney at Law

Serving Ashland and beyond, the skilled Tennessee family law attorney Rhonda Crabtree works with families to make sure that the parents’ and children’s needs are being met. Contact her today to ensure a smoother transition for your family at (615) 792-2885.

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